Alluminium Frame

Alluminium Frame
By : Bahrul Ulum

Alluminium Frame

Alluminium has become goods which able to be seen everywhere . Even is house also we can meet equipments made from almunium . Starts from pan , frying pan , iron , refrigerator , etc. For the equipments of course is adapted for character and aluminium molecule characteristic . With a few mixture component , hence this aluminium can be applied for various needs . Fuselage also uses aluminium mixed with by other material so that can arrest detain hot friction and of course with main excess is : Light. Yes... strong and light.

Gilt edged products also a lot exploits aluminium as component of the base . for example car body, motor , watch , etc .

Based on my observation , now more aluminium is used for development of house or building . May simply , and you can proved , that in every building surely there is aluminium frame . Many by usage at high rise physical plant of height . Aluminium becomes main choice as skyscraper building packer because aluminium besides strong and light of that also weather resistant .

Other usage like Panel Composite Aluminium , Aluminium frame , light steel aluminium roof frame , aluminium plafond , door of aluminium , etc .

In architect world , often became constraint if aluminium is application to become frame for development of house . Because of course frame from aluminium material still seen the rigid or profile minim . Compares with wood frame which able to be lobed angular and of orbicular .

However this can be angled by giving some accents or modification form of like box or lines that is also from aluminium material . This material called as Jalousi aluminium . Also can also from frame framework is made form of box various so that can be close to stiff from form of frame as a whole .

But along development of architecture science , now medium booming type house minimalis . And with type minimalis , simply many the engineers that is exactly likes from stiff from aluminium . According to them the application of minimalis also must be applied at form of frame that is simple is rigid . Hence choice fall at Kusen aluminium . With addition of paint which able to be accomodated appetite ( for aluminium called as paint Powder coating ) hence aluminium frame would seen more beautifully patchs in house type minimalis .


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