Security Laminates Glass

Modern construction trends are more and more often utilizing glass in architectural design.
Unfortunately glass has a major weakness, it breaks! When glass breaks, especially large
panes of glass, it can break into long daggers or small bullet-like projectiles. With any
forceful impact, these shards can fly almost anywhere risking injury to those in proximity.

ACE/Security Laminates™ has a network of dealerships in the United States, Canada and
countries around the world. Our dealers are certified experts that provide the industry’s
best solutions for protecting your existing or new windows. ACE products reduce the
injuries that can be caused by broken or flying glass. ACE can protect you, your family,
employees, business, facilities and valuables from injury caused by flying glass and other
potential significant threats such as explosive blasts, severe weather, attempted thefts and
small arms fire.

Imagine the peace of mind you would gain knowing your family, home, office, business and valuables were protected.
Contact us today to locate an ACE/Security Laminates™ Dealer in your area.
(62-21)654.0524 or 68.7252.57 or

ACE/Security Laminates™
Are Not Bullet, Bomb or Break-in Proof
ACE/Security Laminates™ does not pretend that its products are
bullet, bomb or break-in proof. There is no such safety film or
security laminate on the market. ACE/Security Laminates™
products only provide added protection against the effect of bullets,
bombs and break-in entry. Third party testing has established that
ACE/Security Laminates™ SL14 is capable of resisting bullets from
such weapons as a .38 caliber, 9mm FMJ and .357, but at no time
does ACE/Security Laminates™ promote or lead clients that
bulletproofing or break and enter proofing can be achieved solely
with ACE/Security Laminates™ products. For a description of
third party testing undergone by ACE/Security Laminates™, please
refer to testing. ACE/Security Laminates™ encourages potential
consumers to consider having a threat assessment performed by
one of our trained professionals or a competent security consultant
to evaluate your security needs.


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